I am a computer tutor. I teach computer skills to people who have not grown up with computers and tend to regard them as a necessary evil! Most of the people who come to me for computer help are retired or working from home and consider themselves to be beginners or modestly experienced, but lack confidence in certain areas, so I am used to going very slowly.

I explain how to use a computer in very simple terms using images that are easy to understand. I may talk about "post offices in the sky", "Morris Minors on the motorway" or "float and click", anything that helps people to remember new ideas.

I make sure my clients understand what we are doing on the computer, and that the most important information is clearly written down as we go.

I am based in Oxford, UK and I offer computer lessons to people in their own homes.
My fee for lessons is £34.00 per hour.  Contact me

My background is in teaching adults,
and I worked for The British Council in Hong Kong for 22 years. Whilst there I specialised in business communication skills for international companies, and for nine years I produced educational videos for teacher training in Hong Kong schools. My years of experience with non-native speakers of English has meant I've become quite good at handling technical conversations with telephone helplines around the world.

Judy once handled the technical support line so deftly I asked her if she'd ever worked for the Foreign Office.
Elizabeth, 80, retired headmistress

During the 1990s we all had to learn to use computers
, and because I was an educational technology expert, I became involved in training English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers to use computers in class with their students (many of whom were children and were more proficient than their teachers).

Back in Oxford, I realised there were many older, retired people grappling with their first computer, who wanted to be able to email their grandchildren, who wanted to learn how to order groceries on-line in case they were not able to go shopping, or who just didn't want to be left out and left behind. Some people loved their computers, but many more would much rather be out in the garden! I knew I could help to demystify the experience and build confidence.

I run computer courses (for retired people) at the North Oxford Association Community Centre, and I give private computer lessons to people in their own homes. Together with a friend, I developed our Silver Surfer's Seventy website to help older computer-users become familiar with the Internet. Over the years I've gained the knowledge to solve a wide range of basic technical computer problems too.

Judy has been rescuing me for several years now, it's unusual to build up a friendship with someone who comes to sort out your computer.
Dorothy, 62, church warden